What is Solar Powered Security Cameras?

Whether you’re looking for a security camera to reach a difficult area or want an environmentally friendly option, solar powered security cameras are a great option.

How do solar powered security cameras work?

Solar security cameras use solar panels to harness and convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. The inverter then converts the direct current to alternating current (AC), which can then power the solar camera.

Do solar security cameras work on rainy or cloudy days?

Solar cameras are usually equipped with 18650 rechargeable batteries. On sunny days, the solar panels not only power the security cameras but also charge the batteries.

At night or when it rains, the solar-powered security cameras are powered by rechargeable batteries. As long as there is direct light, the battery will start charging.

Are solar cameras waterproof?

Of course, because solar panels and cameras are exposed to harsh weather for extended periods of time, every outdoor solar smart camera we recommend is weatherproof rated against snow, rain, dust, and direct sunlight, protecting your property 365 days .

Benefits of Solar Powered Security Cameras

The biggest advantage of solar security cameras is the use of renewable energy – solar energy to continuously power the camera, not only can save energy but also reduce costs, it is very suitable for places where it is not suitable to install network cables, cables, or there is no power supply. It provides a completely reliable security system that allows us to view and keep our property safe at all times.

  • Built-in battery charger to work even during power outages
  • Easy installation, no installation cost
  • Easy to install and move
  • Video Security in Remote Locations
  • A scalable solution to add as many solar panels as cameras.
  • Environmental friendly

JS-S12 WIFI 4G Solar Powered Camera

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