4G solar powered security cameras – Best chosen without WiFi & Power

1.-Can wireless cameras work without internet&electricity?

The Solar powered cctv camera with sim card is the solution to the problem of no wifi and inconvenient internet connection, 4G Solar Security Cameras is connected to a power source and can be viewed, and all other functions are not affected.So how to choose it? The main reason is of course that the network system is now perfect, but there are places where there is no network or the WIFI signal cannot reach, such as orchards, sheds, car parks, warehouses and so on.

If you only need one or two cameras, it is not worth the hassle of installing a camera kit or a wifi router, so it is time to use a 4G Solar Security Camera. The advantage is that it is relatively easy to buy a 4G card from the operator and insert it into the camera to solve the network problem.

2. Where can I install 4G Solar Security Cameras?

Like many rural areas, the network is not yet popular, there are some elderly people, children who go out to work, mobile phones, computers, and other things do not know how to use, the home is not safe, and easy to become the target of thieves, or the elderly are old, worried about sickness and accidents how to do, relatives are not around. In this situation is necessary to install a Solar powered wireless camera, choose a cost-effective 4G Solar Security Cameras, you can monitor the situation at home at any time, but also family voice calls, look after the home is quite suitable.

Another situation is to monitor places such as fish ponds, vegetable sheds, and mountain farms, such places are usually no electricity and no network conditions, for example fish ponds, farms 24 hours a day someone watching is also unrealistic, if once no one has stolen poultry or offend people, put some “things” to the fish pond, every day not only fearful If there is no monitoring, there is no place to cry if something happens. These places are suitable for the installation of 4G solar-powered camera, which can be monitored remotely by mobile phones at home, saving time and effort.

3.-How to Configure 4G Solar Security Camera for Live View

Before using a 4G solar camera you will need to purchase a SIM card, as each country’s operator is different and usually 4G cards are not standard, some cameras exported to Europe will come with a 4G traffic card by default, but you will need to top up the card yourself before you can use it. When choosing a SIM card, it is important to note that the frequency band of the SIM card is matched to the camera, you can refer to this table when choosing a 4G card: (if you don’t know which bands are supported in your country, please consult your supplier)

AreaModel No.Band
Southeast AsiaSIM7600CE-CNSELTE-FDD:B1,3,5,8
North AmericaSIM7600A-HLTE:B2/B4/B12
AustraliaSIM7600SA-H-MNSELTE-FDD B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28/B66
GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz
(4G Solar Security Camera supported bands)

Once you have received the camera, the configuration process is very simple, in just 4 steps you can view the video remotely: (The following steps have been taken with the Jinshine 4G Solar Security Camera as an example)

Step 1. Insert the activated SIM card into the 4G solar security camera, the camera indicator lights up blue to indicate that it is ready to connect (pay attention to the direction of inserting the SIM card, don’t insert it backward)

Step 2. Download the professional 4G security camera software UBox APP

Step 3. Scan the UID (unique ID number) of the 4G solar security camera

Step 4. Follow the APP prompts to change the user name and password and the 4G solar security camera live feed will appear immediately.

You can then keep an eye on your remote property anytime, anywhere with live streaming, instant notifications and motion recording from the 4G solar security camera.

4.– Benefits of choosing a 4G Solar Security Camera: Top 5 Benefits

  • No network required, can be installed anywhere
  • No power required, no wiring required, no labour costs
  • Small and portable, easy to install
  • Remote viewing and real-time notification
  • Full colour HD night vision

5.-4G Solar Security Camera Cost

The price of a 4G solar camera may seem a little more expensive than a regular IP camera, but the installation of an IP camera requires the drawing of network cables, power cables and the payment of labour costs, which in aggregate will be more expensive than a 4G solar camera. 4G solar cameras have a low additional cost after the initial investment and consist of three main components.

Price of the cameraMonthly traffic costsCloud Storage Fees
USD85-USD300Consult your local operator for details of chargesUSD1.99-USD39.99
(4G Solar Security Camera Cost)

6.-How many GB does a CCTV camera consume per day?

For some customers who have not yet purchased a card remote monitoring, they will be concerned about one issue before buying a 4G Solar Security Cameras, that is, how much traffic is consumed during the transmission of data, some customers will be worried about the traffic consumption will be relatively large, think the monthly traffic costs may be higher. In fact, 4G monitoring will only consume traffic when we open the live view, the camera is usually in standby mode and will not consume traffic, so the 4G Solar Security Cameras do not need a lot of traffic. It is only because the actual usage of each customer is different, then the traffic consumption is also different. According to the usage of most of our customers, there are three main types:

  • If the customer needs to connect the surveillance cameras in different places to the monitoring center, then this situation is the need to consume more traffic because the monitoring equipment has been in the state of transmission of video monitoring, so will certainly always consume traffic, so if the monitoring center is used, monitoring will require about 100G of traffic per month.
  • Some customers not only watch a small number of times, and each time you open the viewing time is not very long, then the consumption of traffic, in this case, is relatively small, often only need 1 – 2G of traffic on it.
  • Most customers are in this situation, is the need to often open to watch, but also occasionally need to playback the previous video, then this situation may require more traffic to be able to, according to most customers use the experience, this situation requires about 5G of traffic per month.

7.-How long do solar-powered security cameras last?

How long a 4G Solar Security Camera using battery power will last depends on the capacity of the battery, and the power rating of the camera. The higher the battery capacity, the lower the power of the camera and the longer it will last. For example, if a 40AH battery is discharged at 12V, then the power is 480W, while a normal camera is generally 5-7W. The theoretical standby time is 4 days. However, the actual standby time is longer because as long as it is installed outdoors, the solar panel will charge the battery directly when it receives sunlight, and as long as the battery is found to be lower than 14.6V, the solar energy will charge the lithium battery directly to achieve charging.

So 40AH battery standby put outdoors is not 4 days, if the sun is sufficient, can do 360 days 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply, then the solar energy surveillance camera will be 24 hours of uninterrupted monitoring throughout the year.

But 365 days a year have sunshine this is not quite achieved, a month there are always a few days without sunshine cloudy days, or even rainy days, most companies use monocrystalline A-class solar panels on cloudy and rainy days as usual to the battery for power supply, but the conversion rate is not as good as direct sunlight. The conversion is about 30-40%, so if the solar powered cctv camera with sim card standby time encounters rainy days or cloudy days, standby time is not 4 days, because standby these four days, the solar panel in the daytime has been to the battery for charging, just to the night is not charged, so the standby process still has 30-40% conversion for charging, so the actual standby time in about 7-8 days. The electricity level only makes a difference.

8.-Best 4G Solar Security Camera Without Subscriptions

If you are already planning to buy a solar-powered cctv camera with sim card, I would recommend the best-selling 4G security camera from Jinshine.

With no monitoring service fees and no cloud storage subscription fees (free with the basic plan), this 4G solar security camera is very popular among users worldwide.


*Rechargeable battery powered and solar-powered

*2mp/4mp HD picture.

*Full-color night vision with rich image detail both day and night

*Smart and instant PIR motion alerts to your mobile phone

*Remote real-time viewing and control

*Cloud storage support (first month free) and up to 128G memory card storage

This is a basic introduction to the 4G SIM card solar camera, if you have more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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