What is the best solar-powered security camera in 2022

Because of Coronavirus, many companies and businesses around the world have switched from working in the office to working at home, and the government often tells us that we should isolate ourselves at home as much as possible and have less contact with the outside world. Although we know this is the best way to protect ourselves, we have to work in order to live, we need to be able to monitor the security of companies, and warehouses, and some farm owners, need to be able to check the safety of their orchards, farms, fish ponds, etc. at any time. The installation of cameras is essential, and solar energy as one of the new energy, can protect the environment, and save energy, is the trend of development in the next 20 years, solar-powered security camera also came into being, with the continuous upgrading of technology and improvement, solar-powered security camera are no longer a few people use the product, now it as well as deep into the home of most users.

But how do you get the best solar-powered security camera for you at the best price? The following article will explain how you should choose these cameras as well as recommend a few of the best solar-powered security camera  in 2022 for you.

1.-What factors are included in Best Solar-Powered Security Camera

1) The size of solar panel for camera affects the charging speed

Solar camera consists of 3 parts, camera, battery and solar panel, the quality and size of the solar panel determines whether the camera can be powered continuously, the larger the solar panel can make the camera can be charged faster, in theory, the larger the solar panel, the better in the process of use. But we also need to consider for example the price, installation location, shipping costs and other issues, so the solar panel is not the bigger the better, we think a very small solar panel but can guarantee 365 days of monitoring is the best.

2) What way to transmit video streams

Cameras generally have three ways to transmit video streams: through the network cable, WiFi or 4G traffic, the network cable way is the most traditional way, the installation of cameras need wiring, relatively troublesome. The solar battery camera is to use WiFi or 4G way to transmit video stream, usually WiFi covered places we recommend you to use WiFi version, can save the monthly traffic cost, such as garage, courtyard can use WiFi version of Solar-Powered Security Camera; 4g solar security camera application scenario is generally no network without power, but covered by 4G signal, usually Can be installed in barns, pastures, orchards, etc. The advantage is that it can be plug and play, more convenient.

3) HD video pixels are more conducive to monitoring

Very early before the camera is generally 720P, but now most of them are eliminated, 1080P is the most commonly used camera, can see clearly the picture of people, movements, etc., and now many companies are also starting to use 4MP pixels. If theft, robbery and other problems, playback of high-definition video, in order to help us the fastest way to find the bad guys, to provide favorable evidence.

4) Waterproof and weatherproof grade

90% of outdoor solar battery powered security camera are outdoor use (there are also cameras that can be used indoors, solar panels are installed outdoors and cameras are installed indoors), the housing of the camera must be able to ensure that the wind and the sun all year round, some companies use poor quality plastic housing, under the long-term exposure to the sun, there will be cracking, the life of the camera is greatly reduced, we recommend that you choose a metal housing or plastic suitable for outdoor use Housing. In addition rain is also a big problem, if the rain into the camera leads to short circuit, then the consequences are unimaginable, so IP66 waterproof rating is the most basic, the camera circuit parts will be protected from the rain.

5) Can adapt to a variety of installation locations

To ensure the normal uninterrupted work of the camera, the solar panel is very important, so in the installation, you must ensure that the solar panel can be at least 4 hours can be sunlight (the longer the exposure time the better), but sometimes, the monitoring angle is not sunlight, so the extension cable is an important choice, the length of the extension cable will affect the transmission power of the camera, try not to add a particularly long extension cable. This will lead to the camera can not be powered properly, 3 meters of extension cable can be.

6) Intelligent features of solar battery powered ptz alert camera

  • Global intelligence is an overall development trend, there are many brands of solar panel wireless camera, the need to install the camera location is also a lot, the same brand of cameras more conducive to management, but if the camera can support Google home / Aleax, you can choose a variety of your favorite camera combination together, without opening the phone, call Aleax can help you view the screen.

  • PIR human detection function, the camera only needs to monitor the intruder, animal entry leading to alarm is not the information we want, through the PIR human detection function, filter the most useful information, reduce false alarms and improve accuracy.

7) The best Solar-Powered Security Camera at the right price

Price is certainly one of the factors in our choice of solar battery security camera, in fact, when you decide to choose Solar-Powered Security Camera, you have saved a large amount of installation and labor maintenance costs, in the long run, investing in solar camera is a one-time investment for life (if you choose solar powered security camera with sim card also need to pay the traffic fee). Now there are some Solar-Powered Security Camera brands are more expensive, are more than $200, in fact $70 you can buy a very good WiFi Solar-Powered Security Camera. Depending on your budget, choosing the right Solar-Powered Security Camera is the most important thing.

2 – Which are the best Solar-Powered Security Camera

Based on the several factors listed above for choosing the best Solar-Powered Security Camera, we recommend the following three solar powered security camera for reference.

1) JS-S12-WIFI Wireless 8W solar camera

Pros   Cons 
Black appearance, high-end atmosphere, more texture.
The use of PIR human detection function, reduce false alarms at the same time can save energy
Support 2mp or 4mp HD video
WiFi and 4G two styles to choose at your leisure 
Does not support 24-hour recording

2) JS-S100-WIFI 20W solar powered security camera

Pros Cons 
When the power is higher than 20%, it can work 24 hours, and when the power is lower than 20%, it automatically switches to low-power mode
20W solar panel, can be fully charged more quickly
Pure metal shell, waterproof and weatherproof 
4G version temporarily does not support Australia

3) JS-B6-WIFI solar powered security camera

Pros  Cons 
Solar panel and camera can be freely matched, you can buy just the camera
Free one month of cloud storage
Camera APP has various intelligent functions, such as package detection, area detection, etc. 
Only WiFi version

3.-Solar-Powered Security Camera FAQ

1) How much is a solar camera?

The price of the Solar-Powered Security Camera will vary depending on the chip, housing material, smart features, labor costs, some big brands will be more expensive because they have higher costs in advertising investment, brand building, usually the price of 50 U.S. dollars – 300 U.S. dollars.

2)How long do solar powered security cameras last?

Need to consider the Solar-Powered Security Camera shell material and solar panel material, normally, 3-5 years no problem, but the battery in the case of longer use will lead to a decrease in storage capacity, only need to replace the battery.

3)Do solar cameras work at night?

Of course, the solar energy charges the battery through the solar panel during the day, and the battery powers the camera at night, and there are fewer people coming in and out at night, so the camera will not be triggered to work frequently, so the power used at night will be very little. We just need to ensure that the camera can be charged during the daytime.

4)Do solar cameras need Wi-Fi?

The Solar-Powered Security Camera is available in WiFi version, or 4G version. By connecting WiFi you can achieve the function of remote viewing, if you do not need to view remotely, but let the video recording locally, then without WiFi camera can work

5)How long do batteries last in outdoor security cameras?

Camera battery in the case of fully charged and rainy days without charging, 24 hours of work, usually can use 3-5 days without problems, if the use of PIR human detection function of the camera, the life of the Solar-Powered Security Camera will be a little longer.

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