Top 8 Things to Know About Solar-powered Security Cameras


Solar-powered security cameras are the perfect way to keep tabs on your home and the people who come and go from it. Not only do they work wirelessly, but they can be outfitted with AI technology to recognize specific events and automatically send alerts when they happen. Panning and zooming from mobile devices gives you additional flexibility while watching live video or recorded clips, which means you’ll never miss a moment at home again. Here are some of our favorite features of these newfangled cameras:

Solar-powered security cameras work wirelessly.

One of the great things about solar-powered security cameras is that they can be placed anywhere, even in areas where there are no outlets or power sources. As long as the camera has enough sun exposure, it will work wirelessly and send data back to a receiver that’s connected to your Wi-Fi router in your home. This means you don’t have to worry about running wires through walls or burying cables near the ground if you want an outdoor solar camera—and if you do want a wired connection, this can be done through Ethernet cables rather than having to run power lines underground.

The lack of wires makes these types of cameras very easy to install on a wall or ceiling wherever you need them most: indoors or outdoors (wherever there’s ample sunlight). You also won’t need any extra equipment such as batteries; all that’s needed is a receiver unit connected directly to your router!

They can be outfitted with AI to recognize specific events.

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that can help you identify when and where certain events are taking place. Some cameras can recognize faces and alert you when they detect one of your family members. Others will let you know if there’s been any movement in the area, or if your security system has been breached. And some cameras can even detect specific sounds and heat signatures, which may be useful for detecting intruders or fires.

Panning and zooming from mobile devices gives you additional flexibility.

Both wired and wireless security cameras have the ability to pan and zoom from mobile devices, giving you additional flexibility. If you have a camera set up in your driveway and want to get a clear view of what’s happening on it, or if there’s something suspicious going on that you need to check out immediately (like a stranger walking around your yard), all you’d need to do is tap an icon on your phone screen. You can then move the camera around by dragging it with two fingers or by using buttons on-screen.

If there’s something happening across the street at night, or if someone is sneaking into your garage during the day while no one else is home—you’ll be able to see exactly what they’re doing thanks to high-quality image resolution and infrared light detection technology.

Each camera comes with a two-way speaker that lets you talk to visitors at your front door.

It’s important to note that all of the cameras on our list come equipped with a two-way speaker that allows you to talk back and forth through your mobile device. So if you have an unwanted visitor making their way to your front door, they’ll be able to hear any directions that you give them by voice command (or text).

This feature is especially helpful if a package has been delivered while no one is home, or if a neighbor needs help with something at their own residence. You can also use this feature when leaving for vacation: leave someone else in charge of watching over your home and make sure nothing suspicious happens during your time away from it.

You can watch live videos and recorded clips on your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

You can watch live videos and recorded clips on your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Mobile devices are great for monitoring a home or business while you’re on the go. You can even watch live security footage when charging an electric car at a charging station.

Panasonic’s solar-powered security cameras allow you to view up to four channels of life and recorded footage from your computer or TV—and it works with all major streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, and more!

Get automatic alerts when the camera detects motion in your home.

  • You can get alerts on your mobile device.
  • You can get alerts on your computer.
  • You can get alerts on your tablet.
  • You can get alerts on your smartwatch.

A high-definition image will show you exactly what’s happening outside your home at all times.

As the name suggests, HD cameras are high definition. That means they have a higher resolution than standard cameras and can show you more detail. This is especially important if you need to monitor your property from far away or in low light conditions. A high-definition image will show you exactly what’s happening outside your home at all times to give you peace of mind that everything is okay.

Solar-powered security cameras are convenient and easy to use!

With solar-powered security cameras, you don’t have to worry about setting up and installing a wired system. They’re also wireless, so you don’t need to run any wires from your camera(s) to your DVR or other components of your surveillance system. This makes them very convenient for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of complicated wiring setups in their home or business. You can easily set up these cameras in minutes and start recording video right away!


We hope that these tips have given you a better understanding of solar-powered security cameras. These devices offer many advantages over their traditional counterparts, including wireless connectivity and extra features like AI technology and two-way speakerphones! We know there are plenty of other things to consider when shopping around for a security camera system, but if any one thing should be a top priority it’s making sure that your equipment doesn’t rely on electricity from the grid. Solar power is not only convenient because it won’t ever run out or require an outlet – but it also ensures that your family stays safe even during power outages caused by storms or other natural disasters!

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