About US

We provide security and safety for your space

Jinshine rapidly developed itself into the leading brand in the field of security surveillance. Up to now, we provided services to more than 100,000 large, medium, and small-sized customers and shipped orders to over 50 countries worldwide.

Our customers mainly include B2B buyers, B2C merchants, offline supermarket chains and boutiques, and small to medium-sized entrepreneurs.

With the rapid development of our business and in order to meet the needs of customers worldwide we established a China-based “ global central warehouse” in 2020 and launched the Jinshine Global platform. We make use of China’s mature and efficient supply chain system and rich industrial resources.

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Our Story

We cooperates with 1000+ factories to develop and produce products, while complying with Jinshine’s strict product quality control in order to provide more and better security products to all customers around the world.

Jinshine quickly brings these low-power products months and sometimes years before larger corporations can adapt. With the rapid advancement of technology, our strength lies in being flexible and offering the latest and most innovative products on the market. We are constantly striving to create innovative solar solutions and home solutions for the residential and commercial sectors.

We hopes you enjoy our highly innovative products and thank you for helping to protect the earth’s resources by using products that reduce the consumption of the earth’s resources.

We want peace in the world and no theft, that's why we are in the security industry. We also want to work with our clients to help those in need.
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