Yes, you can use the camera directly, just connect the camera to 2.4Ghz WiFi, and then can view camera with App anywhere and anytime.

Yes, when an alarm is detected, the camera will send notification to your phone immediately,tap the notification you can check the alarm video.

Four users can view this camera at same time. The first account to add the camera is primary account, use this account to share the camera to your family or friend. Be noted, only the primary account can control the camera, other 3 users only can check the living stream.

Sorry. This camera doesn’t support 5G Wi-Fi. It supports 2.4G Wi-Fi only. If your router is 5G, normally it will support both 5G and 2.4G. You could access to your router setting to enable the 2.4G WIFI then connect the camera.

Yes, but you have to share the camera by tapping setting icon——Invite family member, then your husband has to sign up another account and click the link you send to log in directly.

1. Switch the camera off before inserting the Nano-SIM into the SIM card slot.
2. Download the ICSEE application and set up a cloud account.
3. Activate the camera, then watch for the led status to change to blue (be careful to distinguish the SIM card slot and SD card slot)
4. Scan the QR code on the camera’s body using the ICSEE app.
5. To complete the first configuration, according to the user handbook.

It does not work with WiFi, only works for 3g/4g LTE connection.

Since it’s a 4G camera, you need to pay for the data. We provide free 100M traffic, but if you need more ,You could refer to this buy plan:

USD 14.9 for 3GB(30 days), 69 for 6GB(180 days), 99 for 30GB(180 days), 119 for 12GB(360 days)

We offer a SIM card with the package, which supports T-mobile, A&TT; it works depending on your local network signal.

Yes,you will receive an alert message upon motion detected and be directed to the alert video page to see what was happening around your home.

The cellular security camera only works with 3g or 4g sim card, I think GSM is 2g sim card, it will not work.