JS-F20-4G Solar Floodlight Camera

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JS-F20-4G Solar Floodlight Camera, the camera built-in spotlight, and add floodlights on both sides, you can see the ultra-clear picture at night, as in the daytime effect, can play a better warning role

WIFI /4G Solar Ultra-bright LED Floodlight Camera



4MP Ultra HD resolution

With 4MP (2560*1440) HD resolution, every detail is clearly recorded without missing anything, day or night



PIR Detection to reduce false alarms

Intelligent human detection, when a car, pet, etc. is detected, the alarm will not be triggered, only a humanoid object will sound the alarm, reducing the trouble of frequent triggering


Super Clear Floodlight & Color Night Vision

Illuminate a wider area, leaving no darkness for intruders to exploit, with full-color night vision images that are as clear as day, even at night.


Intruder break-in triggers an immediate alarm

When the solar battery powered camera detects an intruder, it sends an instant push notification on your phone and triggers a loud siren. It will also trigger a spotlight and floodlight at night, giving a double warning to the bad guys.


Set the camera working hours as you wish

If the solar floodlight camera is installed in the yard but you and your friends are preparing for a BBQ here, the camera often emits an ear-splitting alarm that may disturb your mood, you can set the camera working hours on the application and then enjoy a pleasant relaxing time with your friends


Two-way Audio

The solar powered camera cellular has a built-in microphone and speaker so you can talk to the person standing in front of the camera at any time, for example, to get the bad guy out of the way.





IP66 waterproof & sun-proof

The robust housing and perfect design allow the camera to work at its best at all times, regardless of the storm or the heat of the sun


Flexible storage options

You can record your videos on an SD card (up to 128GB) or in the cloud, we choose Amazon Cloud for your customers’ security, and a free trial for the first month, no subscription is required



Put Camera Anywhere

Anywhere there is 4G signal coverage can be installed, no need for cumbersome power and network cables, plug and play. No more worrying about security in remote areas such as farms, fish ponds, and orchards



Integral or separate installation

Still worried about installing in a location without sufficient sunlight? Why not try adding an extension cable to allow the solar panel to receive the maximum amount of sunlight while the camera monitors the location you want to see



Remote Access Anytime

Even if you are in a foreign country, you can still see your family at home anytime and anywhere, you are not at home, but your heart is always with your family




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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 31 × 21 × 19 cm

Fixed 3.6mm

TF Card

support max 128GB

Solar panel

6Watt monocrystalline

Detection distance



Camera*1、Solar Panel*1、Bracket*1、Screw Bag*1、Manual Book*1、Tools

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    This camera is one of my favorite styles, its floodlights and spotlights lit together at night, very clear, just like streetlights, is a new combination

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